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E-Commerce Development

There's a right way to do this and a not so right way to do this. We want you to - Scale quickly, Cost Effective and with Precision.

As one of Chicago's premier digital agencies, and a top Shopify developer, GoGo Media Group is a leader in ecommerce Web site design, Shopify. We work with not just Shopify, but also Etsy, Wordpress, Magento, WooCommerce, Wix and BigCommerce. Part of what we do is fully integrate your e-commerce platform with the social media and PPC advertising platforms.

We have experience in helping new brands flourish by building them a stunning new ecommerce presence, as well as migrating existing online stores from a wide range of other platforms. We also help businesses scale by integrating their advertising and other growth strategies into their site. Whatever stage of the ecommerce journey you're on, we can help take you to the next level.

GoGo can help you get your e-commerce site going quickly and in a cost effective way. Contact us today to schedule a discovery call.


"GoGo has helped maintain and manage our website including the e-commerce piece. He has created amazing posts for Instagram and Facebook. I would highly recommend GoGo Media Group!!"

— Lori C. (Chicago, IL)

We listen

One of our strengths is we are really good listeners. We collaborate with your team to make sure we're accomplishing the goals you want. We do that via active listening and our asking questions. Schedule a call with us to see for yourself!


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