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Why Pay Per Click Advertising Works?

Simply put - Scale quickly, Cost Effective and with Precision.

Organic social media placements with amazing content will help get you moving, but for companies that want to do to scale, pay per click is the way to go.

Three reasons:

1) Efficacy: Facebook and Google advertising are the two most effective advertising platforms in the world. They have over 3 billion active users (1/3 of the population) with users spending long hours on their sites. They also have some of the most cost-effective platforms, with ad visibility of often 1,000 impressions for less than five dollars.

2) Precision targeting: With extremely precise targeting abilities and evolving visual tools, Google and Facebook ads are the best option for most brands online. Having PPC ads running today is essential to any strategy when you need a competitive edge. You can target the right people at the right time with the right message.

3) Scale quickly: Being able to turn on the massive reach of these platforms allows you to harness immediate reach, test new concepts and landing pages. Get your business in front of exactly the right people in just hours.

Any business can leverage Google and Facebook advertising to reach a specific target market at any budget. Most companies leveraging these ads with the help of experts are able to generate their desired results might it be sales, visibility or increasing their customer’s lifetime value.

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"GoGo has helped maintain and manage our website including the e-commerce piece. He has created amazing posts for Instagram and Facebook. I would highly recommend GoGo Media Group!!"

— Lori C. (Chicago, IL)

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