Terms and Conditions

Effective on January 8, 2017

Updated on March 29, 2018


These Terms & Conditions (hereby referred to as "Terms") serve to govern the use and access of our dashboard and correspondence with our subcontracted social media account managers (hereby referred to as "Services"). Please go through these Terms carefully and thank you for looking into our Terms, as they are important to understand!

Terms are Legally Binding
By using the Services we provide, you agree to be legally bound by the Terms outlined on our website as well as comply to the Privacy Policy also defined on our website.

When we use the words "GoGo Media Group," "we,", "our," or "us" throughout this policy, we're referring to GoGo Media Group Inc., which is understood as the intermediary company that connects "Account Managers" to provide the Customer with Services listed on our website. When we talk about "Services" in this policy, we are referring explicitly to the actions committed by Account Managers in order to help you grow your social media accounts.

You are an Authorized Member of Our Community And Your Account is Managed

A company, organization, or other qualified third party we refer to in these Terms are considered the "Customer". Being a Customer effectively makes you a member of our Community. Every member of our Community is provided a communication channel to an "Account Manager", which in and beyond these Terms is understood as a third-party, subcontracted person(s) that provides Services of GoGo Media Group on behalf of the Customer. An Account Manager is granted access to the social media account(s) of the Customer, thus allowing for the fulfillment of Services.

For you, this means:

Your Customer Data is accessed discreetly both by employees of GoGo Media Group and by third party, sub-contracted account managers in order for improved delivery of Services. You agree to allow access to Customer Data upon registering for access to our Services under a "Contract", which is activated upon Customer Registration. This Contract holds our commitment in delivering Services to the Customer through the delegation of tasks to a subcontracted Account Manager.

Notable Rules

The Services provided by GoGo Media Group require for the Customer to follow the Rules specified below as well as comply to Privacy Policy described.

The Customer Must Be Aged 18 or Over
Services we provide are strictly unavailable to children under the age of 18. If a child under the age of 18 has provided us with their information without a consenting parent/guardian, please contact us immediately.

The Customer Is Bound to Contract Periods

These Terms remain in effect until the end of the Customer's billing cycle. The Customer is entitled to cancel their contract with us without prior notice or given reason. The Customer is required to cancel their billing at least FIFTEEN (15) days prior to the upcoming billing cycle. Otherwise, the Customer is obliged to fulfill the last month of billing prior to cancellation.  Cancellation also must be done by emailing customerservice@gogomediagroup.com.

Billing Cancellation Example

The Customer is due to be billed on the 31st of March for the provision of Services from the 31st of March to 30th of April 2017.

Scenario 1 - The Customer cancels on 16th of March: The Customer will still pay for services supplied for the periods of 31st of March - 30th April 2017. The Customer will not be billed on the 30th of April, for the month of May.

Scenario 2 - The Customer cancels before 16th of March: The Customer will not pay for the periods of 31st of March - 30th April 2017. The Customer shall not receive any Services after the 30th of March.

The Customer Agrees To Limitation of Liability

Services provided by Account Managers of GoGo Media Group will not be held accountable to the Company, GoGo Media Group Inc. The Company may not be held liable for any potential damages incurred. We may directly step in and take what we deem appropriate action against the Customer or Account Manager (including the disabling of accounts on the GoGo Media Group website) depending on circumstance. In no event will you or us have any liability to the other for lost profit, revenue, or any circumstantial, incidental, consequential, punitive, or other forms of damages however they may have been caused, whether in contract, tort, or under any other theoretical circumstance of liability and regardless of whether the party has been advised of the possibility of the aforementioned damages. 

The Customer Agrees Services May Be Delayed Or Suspended Under Force Majeure

While GoGo Media Group strives to provide the very best Account Managers to fulfill services to the Customer, unforeseeable circumstances may prevent our Account Managers from fulfilling their contractual obligations. Otherwise known as "Superior Force," a "Force Majeure" is understood as natural disasters, including fire, flood, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, other natural disasters, war, invasion, acts of hostility, civil war, rebellions, revolutions, insurrections, military coups, terrorist activity, suspension of electricity or phone services. No party is considered liable under said events. Should the Service to the Customer be postponed, suspended, or cancelled under Force Majeure, both the Customer and the Company agree not to hold any party liable.

The Customer Agrees To The Refund Policy as Described in the Refund Policy

Please see that policy here

Discrepancies & Agreement to Terms

The Terms stated above, including any terminology referred to in our Terms or within our Privacy Policy, are constitutive of the entirety of our Terms agreement between you the Customer, us the Company, and involved third parties that provide Services, wholesomely understood as the Account Managers. The Terms stated supersede prior agreements (both written and verbal) concerning all subject matter related to the provision of Services and Terms of use of GoGo Media Group as an intermediary Service. Should there be conflict, inconsistency, or claims that counter either the Terms or Privacy Policy, the terms stated on this Terms page shall be the prevailing agreement presented to any "Authoritative Party" understood as local jurisdictive parties.


GoGo Media Group is by no way affiliated with Instagram or any other Social Media platforms.

Accuracy of materials: The materials on GoGo Media Group’s website may contain errors. Furthermore, GoGo Media Group reserves the right to update or change any material on the website at any time without notice.

Links: GoGo Media Group has not reviewed all links associated with GoGo Media Group and does not condone or take responsibility for any content or material on those websites, or any other mediums.

Limitations: In no event will GoGo Media Group be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of data or profit, or due to business interruption) arising out of the use or inability to use the services provided by GoGo Media Group, even if GoGo Media Group or a GoGo Media Group authorized representative has been notified orally or in writing of the possibility of such damage.

GoGo Media Group is not responsible if your account gets banned, or temporarily blocked. You use GoGo Media Group as your own risk.

Warranty: Under no circumstance are any warranties whatsoever included with any services or products provided by GoGo Media Group.
Upon sign up with GoGo Media Group, you allow GoGo Media Group to act as your Account Manager to grow your following, engagement, and exposure.
Upon signing up, you understand and agree that you will be charged immediately following your onboarding conference call with your dedicated rep. You will then be charged monthly from there on.

Upon cancellation of your subscription, and after the remainder of your paid subscription, you will lose all access to GoGo Media Group services.

Governing Law

The Terms stated above and any disputes relevant to the Terms or our Privacy Policy shall be addressed exclusively by the law of Indiana, in the United States. 

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Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Let's grow your business together!